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Guam utilities, a key components when making your decision about a rental you will call home on Guam. Many times they get over looked in the decision-making process. Guam Rental Finder has put a list together of some of the important things you should lookout for when making your choice.  Keep in mind some landlords do provide free Guam utilities, but it is not common on Guam.

Public water and sewage system on Guam is available in most residential and commercial parts of the island. The water systems on the island either run from groundwater or surface water. Guam has one water system company, the Guam Waterworks Authority(GWA). The company operates seven Sewage Treatment Plants across the island and also provides water to your homes and businesses. Guam’s tap water is safe and healthy with a great value. The U.S EPA does tests and inspections annually to insure the water delivered to your home is safe and available. But on Guam many people prefer to purchase 5 gallon water from a neighborhood water company for daily consumption.  For your convenience GWA has a variety of payment options including online payment. For more information and water rates, please visit

The other important Guam utilities is power. The Guam Power Authority(GPA) is the only electrical company to supply the islands power. The power plant has one main station located in the village of Piti, and seven substations located throughout the island. Power is available in most parts of the island for either businesses or residential neighborhoods. Guam’s power comes from burning fossil fuel. GPA is always making efforts to provide better service with many new features such as the Smart Meter.  GPA  also offers a variety of payment options including online payment.For more information on the services, rates, and surcharges please visit

For trash service, if you rent in a condominium, townhome, or apartment complex there should be a dumpster provided for the residence on the premises.  But if you are renting a house, in most cases you will have to apply for your own trash disposal.   Guam Solid Waste Authority has trash services to residential neighborhoods Monday through Friday for your convenience. Each customer is provided a 96-gallon wheeled trash bin with a $30.00 per month service fee. Trash is collected on a weekly basis and sent to a state of the art landfill. For more information about services and signing up, please visit

For telephone and internet service on Guam, currently there are 2 private companies offering the services.  Household telephone/internet services are available Guam from, the Guam Telephone Authority (GTA) and the Marianas Cable Vision (MCV). Both companies provide competitive rates, with discounts on bundle packages that include, telephone, internet and cable tv/digital tv service. To know their specific offers and more information please visit or


We hope you find the information helpful for you.