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Guam Activities

Guam activities are endless with so many things to do and things to see. With an open mind, you will find the greatest treasures the island has to offer. From the outdoor activities, to the nightlife, there is a little something for everyone.

What better way to appreciate Guam than to explore the outdoors. Guam is known for its calm seas and crystal clear shores. The Fish Eye Marine Park is an underwater adventure park that offers customers a chance to get up close with the fishes by sea walking, snorkeling, or get personal with a boat ride to view dolphins. Atlantis Guam is a submarine company that offers customers a chance to get up close to Guam’s reef to see many exotic animals. Take a walk through one of the longest tunnel-aquariums in the world at Underwater World Guam, in Tumon. See some animals from all around the world right here on Guam at Cushing Zoo, also in Tumon. The island is famous for its golf courses; most of them designed by professional golfers form the PGA. The best kept secrets of Guam is in its jungles, and the best way to discover them is through a hike—you can see waterfalls, ponds, ancient remnants, and the most stunning views in the world.

Take a dip in the waters to escape the island heat. Guam has three popular waterparks: Onward Waterpark, Tarza Waterpark, and the Pacific Islands Club Waterpark. The Onward Waterpark is popular for its 42ft waterslide called the Manta, and its wave pool that produces a wave 1.2meters in height. Tarza Waterpark is known for their “black hole” slide, speed slides, and flow rider pool. The Pacific Islands Club Waterpark is famous for its tropical kayak river. For a free escape from the heat, you may just want to check out the beaches nearest to you. It’s simple, fun, and memorable.

Take an adventure to Guam’s amusement parks. The amusement parks on Guam are both adult and children friendly. The Funstastic Fair in the Micronesian Mall offers kids a roller-coaster ride, bumper cars, a carousel, and more! The Tagada amusement park in Tumon offers customers three thrill seeking rides: Tagada Disco, The Viking Ship, and Bumper Cars. The Tagada is great for anyone at any age. For the adrenaline junkies, the Slingshot Guam is for you. The slingshot shoots you up in a capsule attached to bungee cords over 300ft high, experiencing 6x the force of gravity in one split second. The amusement parks are sure to make memories worth a lifetime.

Take a stroll and find yourself. Many locals recommend spending a day going around the island with the family or a few friends. It is a great way to relax and make some memories. Many rental companies on Guam offer cars, bikes, and mopeds that can be used to stroll. There are many overlooks around the island that have stunning views of the land and ocean. Many travel down south through the hills and valleys to Inarajan Pool, a swimming hole that is popular amongst locals. Go through Tumon at night to enjoy the lights and sounds. The best part about going around Guam is that you can never get lost.

The nightlife on Guam is very much alive. For the young at heart adults, take a night out on town and cut loose. The island is no stranger to partying and having a good time. The Tumon strip is where all the action happens. The clubs, bars, lounges, karaoke lounges, an strip clubs are all within a few hundred feet or less from each other, which makes “bar hopping” convenient. The Globe is famous for its huge dance stage and music; it is a great place for anyone looking for some fun. The Sandcastle Guam is a luxurious palace that offers customers a dinner magic show, complete with its very own tiger. The Beach Bar is known for its laidback ambiance next to the shore. Wherever you may go, you can always expect a good time.

You can never say you have nothing to do on the island with so many Guam activities for everyone. The island may be small, but it sure has lots to offer. Open your mind and take up and adventure…you will not regret it.