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Guam and It’s Villages

If you are looking for paradise, look no further than Guam. Its tropical beaches, nature, and bountiful of attractions are no strangers to the island getaway.

We provide you a warm “Hafa Adai” welcome every day. The locals are no strangers to being a good hosts and hostess. We take a lot of pride in our land and people. We like to show off what the island has to offer you, and we definitely welcome our visitors with open arms. Expect to always be cared for and welcomed where ever you may go. Many locals live by the saying, “Mi casa su casa.”

tumon guam beachGuam’s greatest treasures are its beaches. These beautiful beaches surround Guam with soft, golden sand, accented with crystal clear waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Philippine Sea.  Its marine life flourishes in the thousands, varying with hundreds of different species. The coconut trees that align most of the shorelines provide you an escape from the island heat, with the cool consistent breeze to relieve any sweat.

The islands nature is captivating. Its clear blue skies outweigh the rainy days. The unforgiving sun beams down on the land and its ever growing life. The jungle is rich with lush green trees, flowers, and fruits. The mountains and valleys only provide the most amazing views on its peak, which is only accessible with a hike. Any hike is surely an adventure to explore and discover more of the island, and yourself. Behind the roots of the jungles are hidden treasures, like waterfalls and swimming holes. It’s the best kept secret of Guam.

Explore the different attractions that Guam has to offer you. Guam main source for its economy is its tourism, so we hold a standard for our honored guests. We only offer the best of the best. Our five stars hotels is everything but ordinary. Experience the luxury and simplicity our hotels have to offer you, with a balcony in almost every room and a swimming pool. Enjoy a worldwide selection of restaurants for every craving you may have. Appreciate the island with a ride to a one of many lookouts all across the island.

Enjoy our world class shopping outlets. Guam is no stranger to fashion and class. Our very own Duty Free is home to the world’s most famous brands, from Chanel to Coach, we got it all. Macy’s provides everything fashionable and affordable for whatever occasion you may be dressing up for. Walk around our sidewalks with the latest styles and fashion tips. Guam is your runway.

It is all about the simple living on the island. Don’t expect to wear a suit and tie every day, or drive around in the most expensive car on the market. We like to keep things simple and laid back; after all you are on an island. We don’t care about how you look, how you dress, what car you drive, where you live, and what not. What we do care for is how you care for yourself, for others, and the island. We take things one step at a time, and never rush into things. We simply live for today.

Guam is everything you will need in paradise. It mixes both pleasure and work, the ultimate package for any island getaway. It is a world unlike any other. The island surely upholds our people, land, and attractions. To put it this way, it is “Where America’s Day Begins.”