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Living in Guam

Living in Guam is the real life in paradise.  So what is paradise?  Would a combination of warm weather, beautiful beaches, crystal clear ocean, and fast wireless connection be considered paradise?  Living in Guam is the life every person dreams about.  You often see adds in websites where they make you envision you sitting on a beach chair on beautiful beach with a nice cold tropical drink.  Well that could be you in Guam everyday.  It may sound too good to be true, but it is possible for anyone and everyone in Guam. Guam’s beaches have been compared to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world

To have a life in paradise, all you need is the beach chair and a nice tropical drink.  If you prefer you can replace the tropical drink with a beer, coke, or any cold beverage of your choice.  The warm weather, beautiful beaches, and crystal clear ocean is complementary, and will be provided by our beautiful island, Guam.  All beaches on Guam are free, and there is no parking fees.  You can even just pull up on the side of the road and enjoy the cocktail and beach dream, you see on the famous adds.

Easy access to Guam’s beaches is the main perks of living in Guam, but there are a ton of other outdoor and indoor activities on Guam. There is a whole lot of hiking, biking and variety of outdoor activities on Guam. But ranked right behind the beach, barbeque is a top activity. Barbequeing is the favorite pastime of the locals on Guam, and sure to become a important part of everyone’s lifestyle.

For those that enjoy more of the indoor activities, there is a good selection of shopping ranging from brand name goods to the discount shopping at popular national chain stores. Besides shopping Guam offers state of the art movie theaters, bowling, and tons of good restaurants show casing cuisines from around the world. And one of the essentials in modern day life, fast internet access is readily available in Guam with moderate prices. In addition, Guam cellular service providers now provide mobile wifi hotspot devices and mobile data on cellular phones are also readily available from multiple service providers.

With all these options of activities, what more do you need. Oh yes, a job. Most of you considering to move to Guam probably already have a job lined up, but for those people coming to Guam to find a job, there area a variety of options. Some of the more popular job options are federal jobs and Guam government jobs, but there are many private sector jobs in the tourism industry and military contractor industry.

With everything you need all in Guam, there is no reason why anyone would not consider living in Guam.