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Do not be fooled, Guam internet is just as advanced in technology like the rest of the world. Wireless internet is available throughout the residences, businesses, coffee shops, hotels, and restaurants of the island. There are four wireless internet providers for your home or office on Guam: IT&E, iConnect, Marianas Cable Vision (MCV), and Guam Telephone Authority (GTA).

  1. IT&E 

    IT&E offers you two bundle packages for your Guam internet, home phone, and cellphone. The only difference between the two bundles is one is 3.0 internet ($99.00/mo) and the other is 5.0 internet ($129.00/mo). Both have the same home phone features (which is call waiting, speed dialing, 3-way calling, caller ID, delayed call forward, find me/follow me, and four free calling features) and cellphone features (which is unlimited nights/weekends, unlimited SMS, and free Gusto2 or DeeJay 2). For more information on their wireless services, please visit or 671-922-4ITE (4483).


    iConnect is fairly new to the world of internet but be assured they are just as advanced as the other competitors. Their signature service showcases their iConnect LTE True 4G MiFi that offer home/office routers, portable wireless hotspots, USB modem, or for larger businesses a more advanced internet service. They take pride on their network, because the same company that built their network also built AT&T and Verizon. Unfortunately there are no prices for their services online, but please feel free to explore more information at or call 671-888-8888.


    MCV has been providing Guam internet for some years now, and their service is one of the top providers on the island. Their internet service speeds go from Online 2.0 to Online 15.0. They are offer bundles of home phone, cable television and internet that range from $60.00 per month to $196.00 per month. For those specifically looking for internet access only, prices range from $34.95/mo to $115.00/mo. Pay your bill online, or direct for your convenience. For more information on MCV’s services please visit or call 671-969-4MCV (4628).


    GTA is one of the leading providers of Guam internet, offering several internet plans to fit your budget, internet speed preferences, and bundle packages that include home phone, digital TV, and cellular services. Internet services alone go from speeds of 2.5Mbps to 10.0Mbps; the lowest price for monthly services start at $39.95 to $79.95, but keep in mind that bundle packages may be cheaper. Their high speed internet features include free secure Wi-Fi, 24/7 customer support services, easy installation, unlimited access, convenience of using phone and internet simultaneously, and free wireless modem. For more information on GTA’s services, fees, and customer support please visit or call 671-644-4GTA (4482).

***Note: this article explains only internet service providers for your home or office. Information on data plans for cellular phone providers can be found under Mobile Phone.