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Guam Lifestyle

Guam lifestyle is unlike any other that you may have experienced before. The island spirit has captured many who have made Guam their island home.

The Chamorro Culture holds near and dear for the residence of Guam. It plays a big role in every ones lives. Every month there is always a celebration for a fiesta thrown for a village on Guam, or a patron saint. Many traditions are still being practiced from over a hundred years ago; for example, every December families gather for nine nights to say the novena, a prayer for devotion in the Roman Catholic Church.

Since Guam is such a small island, everyone practically knows everyone. If you do not know someone, chances are you know someone who knows them. It is easy to keep in touch with friends and family because seeing each other is as easy as a five minute drive away from a local coffee shop. It is fairly easy to get around the island, and it is definitely impossible to get lost on the islands roads.

The Guam lifestyle is the easy life. Work is just minutes away from home. Traffic is not bad at all compared to the mainland–Two hour traffic in California is to thirty minute traffic on Guam. There is always a restaurant or fast food joint wherever you will be heading for those who do not have time to make a home cooked meal. There is no need for the fancy stuff here on the island—so put down the suit and tie and throw on some board shorts and t-shirt.

Guam lifestyle is definitely a slow paced atmosphere here on the island.  Sunday is family day. The locals are very family oriented and always put them first before anything or anyone. They usually take Sundays and make it their family time. Religion is a big part of the islands lifestyle. Hundreds of people gather every Sunday for mass or church servings all across the island. For those with a busy schedule, you will often find them with their family catching up on some yard work outside, rain or shine.

“Anytime, anywhere, BBQ,” we like to say. For any occasion, or any gathering, always expect some fresh charred ribs and chicken on your plate. The locals take a lot of pride in their cooking, and like to show their delicacies off to their guests. If there is one thing the people of Guam are good at, it would be playing hosts and hostess. Everyone is family on the island, no matter whom you are or where you are from.

On the island, it’s a beach day every day. The weather can be very unpredictable, and can change within minutes from sunny to gloomy, but that never stops the locals from enjoying the warm waters of the island. We find the beach an easy location for everyone to set up a beach chair, sip on a wine cooler, and just enjoy each other’s company. The beach is one of the easiest escapes from all the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. It is simple, relaxing, and convenient.

We live for today, prepare for tomorrow, and remember the past here on Guam. The lifestyle is everything but hastened. The island is definitely welcoming to all of its guests from all across the world. It’s the island spirit.