Guam Rental Finder

Guam Rental Process

  1. Search for a home online – Start your Guam rental process by looking online.  Our website doesn’t just have our rentals, it has all the rentals on the current Guam MLS. Search everything in one easy website.
  2. Schedule a tour of the homes – You pick, and we show you the homes you want to see.  Email us, call us, or stop by!  If you would like us to select, just let us know what your criteria’s are.
  3. Select the home you like – When you select the home you like, this is where we come in handy.  We are here to get you the best deal for the house you like.  We negotiate and work with the owner’s agent to get the best deal, for the place the renter likes.
  4. Lease agreement – After both parties are comfortable with the negotiated terms, we prepare the lease agreement, keeping in mind the best interest of the renter.   Lease agreements are not all standard, we customize each lease agreement to protect the renter for that specific Guam rental property.
  5. Utility hook -up – In most cases before move in, the power and water billing has to be transferred to the renter’s name.  Don’t worry, we make it easy for you by taking you to the utility company and assisting you in filling out the forms.
  6. Move in – Now the big day, move in day, the day you receive the keys to your new home.  One of the most important tasks on move in day is the inspection.  The renter and owner will go through the whole house to note the condition of the house to make sure that both owner and renter are in agreement on the condition of the house.  A thorough inspection of the house will prevent most problems when the renter moves out.


Military Member Tips

  • Lease agreement scrubThe standard procedure for military members process is to have the lease agreement scrubbed by Navy or Air Force Housing Office.  The military housing office reviews the contract to make sure the military clause is attached and the lease is in the best interest of the military and the members.
  • OHAThe base housing office will process your OHA based on the move in date.  The money will be in your account by move in day.  This generally takes about 5 days.  Confirm your OHA amount here.
  • Advanced OHAFor military members Advanced OHA can be requested to cover the cost of the security deposit.  This amount will be deducted from your pay over the course of your tour on Guam.  Keep in mind, when you move out, and all is good, the security deposit will be returned to you by your landlord.

Why use us, renter agents?

  • Easier – Why drive around and call every “For Rent” number you like.  You can just look online, tell us what you want to see, and we drive you around to see the places YOU like including rentals with “For Rent” sign.
  • Local Knowledge – A local rental agent can tell you about the area, current prices, trends, and help you figure out which home is right for you.
  • Representation – Owners have listing agents representing their interests, by posting “For Rent” signs and listing on the internet.  Don’t you want somebody to represent you?  We are renter agents. We look out for your best interest.
  • Free – Our services are free for those seeking to rent on Guam, we get paid from the owner of the house YOU choose.