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Guam cell phone providers are catching up with the technology race, with the latest features and advances to mobile services available for its customers. There are four mobile providers on the island, all fit for your needs and pocket book.

  1. Guam Telephone Authority (GTA)

    GTA is one of the leading Guam cell phone carriers on the island. With six convenient store locations. Besides the main office located in Upper Tumon, GTA has an office in all 3 major malls(GPA, Micronesia Mall, & Agana Shopping Center) which is open 7 days a week and usually until 9pm. As an added convenience to military members, GTA has an office at both NEX and AAFB BX. Cellular models the company carries are Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, and Apple IPhone. GTA is the only official carrier of the Apple Iphone on Guam. Prepaid and postpaid cellular options are available to fit your needs, and also include free caller ID, free incoming texts, free voicemail activation, and call waiting. Extras that are offered on top of your cellular services are data plans, texting plans, voice plans, data plans, and family plans. For more information on the services available please visit or call the 24/7 customer care service at 671-644-4GTA (482).

  2. Docomo Pacific

    Docomo Pacific began as Guam Cell as one of the original Guam cell phone providers and now is one of the biggest and most popular Guam cell phone providers. The company has 5 convenient locations on the island, Main office in Tamuning, GPOm Micronesia Mall, Agana Shopping Center & Andersen Exchange. The company carries a variety of cellular brands such as Motorola, Apple, Nokia, BlackBerry, Dell, Sony, HTC, LG, Palm, Pantech, and Samsung. Besides cellphones, Docomo Pacific also carries tablet devices and data cards(mobile wifi hotspots). Long distance calling is available to the U.S mainland, Asia, and international destinations with fees varying between country and carrier. Prepaid and postpaid cellular service options are also available. The company provides a variety of prepaid & postpaid plans with a variety of options such as texting and data with prices for prepaid plans starting at $9.25. For more information on the services available please visit or calls 671-688-CARE (2273).

  3. IT&E Guam

    IT&E is one of the oldest companies to serve Guam and the Mariana Islands. There are four northern IT&E branches and one central IT&E branch, totaling to five branches on Guam for your convenience. The company has a vast selection of cellular brands such as: Apple, BlackBerry, Blu, Casio, HTL, Huawei, Kyocera, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Novatel, Plum, Samsung, Sony, and UMX. The company offers personal hotpot wifi connections for those who are on the go and need access to the internet. Postpaid and prepaid mobile services are available, with the fees starting at $14.95 a month. Data plans are also available for smart phone users. For more information on IT&E’s services, please visit or call 671-922-4ITE (4483).

  4. iConnect Guam

    iConnect is a local Guam cell phone company that provides wireless telecommunications products and services in the Guam and in the Western Pacific. On Guam, there are four iConnect branches, with two being in Tamuning, one in Dededo, and the other in Yigo. The company only has Motorola cellular brands available. Their signature cellular service is its Push-to-Talk for either postpaid or prepaid customers. Cellular features include voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, emergency calling, call restrictions, call watch, data plans, and nationwide minutes. Nationwide minutes are free, from New York to L.A, it costs just the same as calling a number on Guam. For more information on iConnect’s services please visit or call 671-888-8888.

We hope you find everything you are looking for in your mobile services.