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Moving to Guam

Moving to Guam soon?  Be ready for the warm weather and crystal clear beaches.  Here are some useful information for everyone moving to Guam.  Whether you are moving to Guam on military orders or just to retire, you will love the warm weather and the crystal clear beaches.  On Guam there is no need for winter clothes, leave your snow gear behind and get your sandals, sunglasses, shorts, and a T shirt packed.  When moving to Guam, you really do not need to pack too many clothes as a Tshirt and shorts is a normal attire.  But for special occasions, you may need to wear your aloha shirt and some slacks, and actually put on a nice pair of shoes.  On Guam, your sandals will get the most action, as it is not just beach wear, but it is everyday wear.

When moving to Guam, you may be concerned about the availability of goods and supplies.  Guam has a number of supermarkets and small stores to meet your everyday needs.  For the military member, there are the commissary and Exchange at both Naval Base and Andersen AFB.  As for other types of shopping, Guam boasts 3 major malls, Kmart, and a Home Depot to cater to the other needs.

One thing you do need to keep in mind is, Guam is not as small as it looks on the map.  You definitely can’t walk everywhere.  The standard mode of transportation on Guam is the car.  For certain areas of Guam such as the Tumon Bay area and major shopping centers, there is a bus system available to everyone.  So if you are moving to Guam, keep in mind, you will have to buy or rent a car to get around the island.

Guam may be a spec on the map, but the island offers many of the basic and extra amenities.  Some of the amenities include, fitness gyms, movie theaters, fast food, parks, water parks, mini amusement parks, golf courses, fine dining, and even a Chucky Cheese.  In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of restaurants of all types.  So if you are a picky eater, don’t worry there will be something for everyone.

Moving to Guam is just like moving to an island paradise with lots of beaches and all the amenities you need.  If you have any questions about moving to Guam, feel free to shoot us an email.  Even if it’s not related to rentals, we would be more then happy to answer.