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Guam Driving

If you are from the U.S mainland and are new to Guam, you will immediately realize that the driving on Guam is nothing compared to the driving in the states. Guam has no freeways, exits, and 6-lane highways. The roads on Guam are narrow, 3-lane highways paved with asphalt and coral. It is almost impossible to get lost on the roads of Guam.  If you are thinking about walking or biking to get around, think again because you will realize that that is may not be practical or comfortable.

Getting around the island requires having a car or using the public mass transit system. Although you should know that the mass transit system on the island is not all that reliable. There have been complaints about the transit being an hour or two late, and the buses are inadequate to service the entire island.

There are many dealerships the sell automobiles and scooters if you are looking to purchase a set of wheels to get around the island. There are also companies that have vehicles available for rent. Please see the Guam Cars tab for more information.

Driving on Guam requires a driver’s license.  If you already have a license that you have received from the U.S mainland, you must change it to a Guam license within 30 days of your arrival, should you call Guam home for a long period. There are no tests required, but there is a fee of $25 for the transaction. If you do not have your license, you will need to be at least 17 ½ years old and must apply for a written test to earn your learners permit. After six months of holding your learners permit, you will need to reserve a driving test to get your license.

All vehicles must have been registered at the Guam Revenue and Tax, Motor vehicle Division. If you are importing your vehicle from off-island, you will need to bring the automobile registration, proof of current insurance, and proof of recent on-island safety inspection. If you are renewing your registration you will need to have an updated vehicle inspection on hand. There are required fees needed to complete these transactions.

For more information about fees, business hours, licenses, and more please visit or contact Maria C. Flores, Acting Coordinator Motor Carrier Program, at (671)635-1750 or