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Finding Renters

Finding Renters with Guam Rental Finder is easier! With Guam Rental Finder, you can see the actual exposure from everywhere in the world, online. With so many people looking online for rentals, it’s the logical choice to list your Guam rental property with a real estate brokerage that has a big online presence. Our specialty is finding renters for residential rentals on Guam, that include rental houses, rental condos, rental townhomes, and rental apartments.  Our network of webpages gets you the maximum exposure,Owners and landlords, if you are looking for a renter / tenant on Guam, give us a try.  Guam Rental Finder is a service provided by Guam Realty Finder, a full service real estate brokerage.

When you market your property with GUAM RENTAL FINDER, you get the full benefits:

  • Free Consultation and Assessment – The rental expert team with Guam Rental Finder will take a look at your property and other comparable properties currently on the market to advise you on the best way to get your property rented quickly.
  • Photos of the Property – Once you’re comfortable with the listing plan, we take photos of your property with a quality SLR camera(not a cell phone), and select the best photos to display on your listing. We make sure your property stands out above the other Guam properties.
  • Guam Rental Finder Listing – Then your property will be listed in the most visible and comprehensive house searching tool for Guam on the internet, Guam Rental
  • MLS Listing – In addition to being on our website, your property will also be listed in the Guam Association of REALTOR MLS (Multiple Listing Service) which is visible to all REALTORS on Guam.
  • Hot Deals – We create buzz about your property, featuring your property on Hot Deals page of Guam Rental Finder website
  • Bonus Benefit – When you list with us, you get to market at Guam House & Guam Realty website as well. Double up on the exposure!
  • Big Sign – And we put the biggest sign on your property that can fit, so the whole world can see the property is”FOR RENT.”
  • There is no fee – Until your property gets rented there is no fees. Finding Renters is guaranteed, No results, no fees!