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  • Military Transfer Season on Guam

    Military Transfer Season on Guam

    Military transfer season on Guam has officially started.  It’s a sad time and happy time for us.  Sad because many friends we have made when they got here on Guam are leaving, being re stationed else where, and we are making new friends as we help military members and their family find their new home on Guam.  Well, we hope to see the friends that have left Guam, oneday and somewhere soon, as we sure do miss them already.

    military transfer season on guamAs for the new friends in the military we have made recently, we hope you all will never leave.  Is that possible?   probably not being in the military, but we sure hope you will enjoy Guam.  So for those moving to Guam, we want to welcome you, and let you know everything will be fine.  We are looking forward to meeting you all and making new friends.  As a team of agents specializing in rentals, we meet many military members.  We not only enjoy finding everyone a nice rental, but we also enjoy sharing our island and showing you all, how to enjoy our island.

    Military transfer season on Guam is usually between May and July.  It is the time of year where we see the most number of incoming and outgoing military members on Guam.  For everyone moving to Guam during military transfer season on Guam, we have good and bad news.  During the peak military transfer season Guam, there are quite a few nice rentals becoming available, but there is also quite a few military members looking for rentals.  It is quite competitive and a good rental agent helping you in locating a good rental is a big factor in finding a good rental.  And there is also a factor of luck.  A good advice in regards to moving to Guam during military transfer season on Guam, or at anytime is to start your looking for rentals at our website.  And start figuring out where you would like to live.  Usually about 2 weeks in advance is a good time to start looking, as inventory on Guam does change quite often. So that when you get to Guam, you can start looking for rentals right away.

    If you have any questions, email us or call us!