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Villa Kanton Tasi Condo


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General Description

Villa Kanton Tasi Condo Guam is one of Guam’s most exclusive address on the beach.  With a combination of location, executive style floor plan, and spectacular view, Villa Kanto Tasi Condo Guam is one of the most sought after condos on Guam.  The building hosts a limited number of units, with all units having a spectacular ocean view.

Located on prime real estate, Villa Kanton Tasi Guam is located right on the beach in the middle of Tumon Bay.  When you live in Villa Kanton Tasi Guam, literally, the ocean is your back yard.  Besides being on the beach the condominium complex is located right in the center of Tumon Bay.  Many of the restaurants, hotels, store, and night life are walking distance from the condominium.  And even within Tumon, downtown central area of Guam it is the most central area.  There really isn’t a better location then Villa Kanton Tasi.

When Villa Kanton Tasi was built, it was sold as the 1st shell unit on Guam.  All the units had no walls, no fixtures, just a shell.  Each owner purchasing the unit was able to customize the unit to their own specific floor plan and add their own unique fixtures.  The condominium is comprised mainly of owner residents, but there are a few limited units available for rent.  All units boasts the same square footage, but the number of bedrooms differ between 3 to 5 bedrooms in the units. In the lobby area, the condo boasts an infinity swimming pool and a bbq patio area for tenants enjoyment.  It is a great place to have friends and family over to enjoy some good food, good company and good view.

The main focal point of each unit is the ocean view.  All units have an equal amount of ocean view and boasts a spacious balcony to enjoy the view.  Each floor only has 2 units, with the elevator opening up straight to your unit.  With an 180 degree panoramic view of the whole Tumon Bay, each unit at Villa Kanton Tasi is nothing short of paradise.  Enjoy a nice breakfast on the balcony or take a nice leisurely nap on a windy day.  When you live in Villa Kanton Tasi, you will never want to leave.  Now only if there was room service, that would be possible, but the condo does not provide room service.  You will just have to order Pizza delivery.

General Information

  • List Price : $4,000 ~ $6,000
  • Type : Guam Condo for Rent
  • Style : Condo
  • Street Name : 301 Frank H. Cushing Road
  • Number of Units in the Area : 20
  • Village : Tumon
  • State/Province : Guam
  • Postal Code : 96913

Structure Information

  • House Size : 2,350 square feet
  • Bedroom(s) : 3 ~ 4
  • Bathroom(s) : 2 ~ 3
  • Stories : 1
  • Condition : Excellent
  • Year Built : 2002

Detail Information

  • Construction : Concrete
  • Roof : Concrete
  • Flooring : Ceramic Tile, Marble, or Carpet (depends on units)
  • Fence : Concrete
  • Utilities : Dependant on individual owner
  • Laundry : Inside
  • Typhoon Shutters : Accordion
  • Appliances/Pers Prop : Dish Washer, refrigerator, stove with oven, and private beach access (all appliances dependent on owner)

About the Area

Hafa Adai! Welcome to the village of Tumon!

Tumon is the tourist district of Guam. Many hotels, restaurants, shopping districts, and clubs are located in the small village. There are also many apartments and a few residential areas in the village. The beaches of Tumon are the most famous beaches on the island. The serene views and buildings attract millions of visitors worldwide annually.

Tumon is in the central part of Guam. It is roughly twenty minutes away from both the Andersen Air Force Base in Yigo, and the U.S Naval Hospital on Guam. There are many pedestrians that walk the Tumon strip throughout the day, so the traffic in the village is bearable if you are patient.

Where luxury meets paradise.The shopping outlets are more high-end name brand retail stores. The Duty Free Shopping Outlet is home to many iconic brands and high ends fashion that attract many tourists every day, where you can find a list of brand names: Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., Coach, and more. The hotels in the village rate between three-star to five-star hotels. They are known worldwide for its level of class and luxury. There is a world-wide assortment of restaurants scattered all across the village!

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