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Santa Rita

Hafa Adai! Welcome to the village of Santa Rita

Santa Rita is a quiet village nestled in the southern part of Guam. It is one of the smallest villages on the island, if you exclude the Naval Base Marianas.

The Naval Base Marianas is in the village of Santa Rita. The Naval Base offers military housings, shopping outlets, a gas station, elementary/middle school, and more. If you live outside its gates, but still stay in Santa Rita, your drive to and from shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes. There are buses that do serve students outside the base. Guam’s largest public high school, Southern High School, is also in Santa Rita. Near to Southern High School is the Harry S. Truman Elementary School.

It is the simple living. Not only is Santa Rita one of the quietest and smallest villages on the island, but it is also one of the least modernized villages on Guam. D’s Corner Store and Santa Rita Store are the only two stores located in the village, along with one video store, the Santa Rita Video Store. The village is surrounded by natural water sources, and shares it with the villages of Talofofo, Yona, and Agat.

Most of Santa Rita’s festivities and activities revolve around its village church, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. Since the village is fairly small everyone knows everyone. Most families have been there since the village came to be after the war. We are sure, over time, that you will begin to recognize and be part of the village family should you call the village home.

Santa Rita flourishes with an abundance of tropical life.  There are many mango trees and coconut trees throughout the land. The mango tree bares fruits seasonally, and if you get the opportunity to pick one for yourself, it sure is sweet. Another one of the tropical beauties is the village flower, the ginger flower.  It can be seen throughout the village. This bright red flower gives a beautiful accent for the village, or any table center piece. Namo Falls Tropical Garden is a recreational area for tourist. Namo Falls are two waterfalls in the middle of the village that has been turned into a tropical paradise where visitors are given a taste of tropical fruits.

In recent years, the village of Santa Rita has seen an increase in nice large size homes.  Many of the homes have a beautiful view of Apra Harbor and boasts a wonderful ambiance.  Most of the homes in the village of Santa Rita is along Route 4, which is commonly referred to as Cross Island Road.

Sit back and relax in Santa Rita. After a long day at work or school, it is always nice to come home to a quiet neighborhood. The slow paced atmosphere in the village is surely a step back away from the rush of life. The village is a tropical getaway.

Distance to Popular Destinations:

  • Andersen Air Force Base- 42  minutes
  • Naval Base Guam- 11 minutes
  • US Naval Hospital- 22 minutes
  • Guam International Airport- 31 minutes
  • Guam Premiere Outlet- 29 minutes
  • Micronesian Mall- 32 minutes
  • Agana Shopping Center- 25 minutes
  • Tumon, Guam- 31 minutes