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Hafa Adai! Welcome to the village of Mangilao

Mangilao is the capital for Guam’s Education. The village is located in the central part of the island. It is mostly made up of residential houses and apartments. Though there are no major shopping outlets, there are many businesses located in the village. More than 6,000 people who are not from the village travel to Mangilao daily for work.

University of Guam in MangilaoThe village is a twenty minute, more or less, drive away from both the AAFB up north and Navy Base down south. Mangilao takes a lot of pride in their village and island. Driving through the village, you will notice a few walls along the main roads that are painted with bright beautiful masterpieces.  Mangilao shows off their pride through the University’s young talented artists that display their art murals on the side of walls on the major roadways.

Mangilao is home to two main collegiate schools on Guam. The University of Guam and the Guam Community College, which are located right next to each other. Many local residence who continue on to higher education from grad school attend the institutions, with a few students are from the Micronesian Islands, such as Chuuk or Palau. Due to the schools and many homes, Mangilao is a mixing pot of diversity. Which enables residence to meet and experience the different types of culture that Guam has to offer.

Besides the collegiate schools, there are outdoor adventures waiting for you in the village. Marbo Cave and Pagat cave are the most popular caves on Guam for those seeking an adventure. With Marbo Cave boasting a freshwater coastal cave, which was used by the Japanese back in WWII. And Pagat Cave which is near coastal waters in a sinkhole at the bottom of a cliff. Pagat Cave has a deep freshwater pool. Both caves are safe to swim in, and is visited by many locals and visitors annually.

Be sure to explore when you are in Mangilao. For your convenience, the village has many supermarkets, bakeries, small stores, gas stations, banks, and restaurants at every turn you make. In recent years because of the high number of college and university students, many fast food establishments have opened their doors including: KFC, Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and Winchell’s. There are many beautiful homes and condos in the area; all just waiting for you.

Distance of Popular Destinations:

  • Andersen Air Force Base- 14 minutes
  • Naval Base Guam- 26 minutes
  • US Naval Hospital- 16 minutes
  • Guam International Airport- 14 minutes
  • Guam Premiere Outlet- 17 minutes
  • Micronesian Mall- 12 minutes
  • Agana Shopping Center- 12 minutes
  • Tumon, Guam- 15 minutes